Advance telephone communications

Small business
With hosted PBX solution companies can have the latest telephone communication available at an affordable price.
Savings of more than 40%
Increase your level of service
More productivity for your company
Fully customizable to your company needs

Mid-sized companies
Improve your infrastructure and adjust your telephone communication system to your company needs.
Mobile features at no additional cost
Functionality changes for free
Add new lines at no additional costs
Use state of the art equipment

Multiple office locations
Global telephone system.
Free calls between offices
Call forwarding capabilities
Advanced voicemail
Unique network to interconnect all offices
Save money on infrastructure and installation
Free calls between offices

If you are looking for a larger communication infrastructure, you should choose the Enterprise solution.
Single and centralized phone system
Save 60% in equipment
Centralized control panel
Save on long distance communication

Available features

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