Features and details

Toll free numbers
Look professional
Choose your own number and attract business
Low rates per minutes

Find me-follow me
Redirect your calls away from your desk and never miss a phone call
Route desired incoming calls
Calls can be redirected to cell phones, local and international phone

Advance voice mail
Receive voice mail notifications via e-mail
Receive voice mails attached as (.wav) in your e-mail
Retrieve voice mails from any phone
Retrieve voice mails from any computer through a web browser

Auto attendant
Greet callers 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
Route calls upon callers preferences
Configure your own customized message

Call distribution queue
Automatic call distribution for your customer services department
Call routing statistics
Allow agents to log on and log off

On hold music
Play a sound or recorded announcements to callers on hold
Customize your announcement with company information, promotions and offers

Conference calling
Schedule conference calls
Create conference calls from any phone or web browser
Send e-mails to participants with conference details
Manage conference calls and participants while conference is active

Virtual Fax
Receive faxes to your e-mail account
Archive incoming and outgoing faxes electronically
Redirect incoming fax documents to proper recipient

Remote calling
Access to telephone features and calling plans when away from the office

Call waiting manager
Manage incoming calls while on another call
Send calls to voice mail and place callers on hold
Display caller id for incoming calls while on another call

Hunt group
Distribute calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone extensions
Select various types of ring patterns

Call parking
Park and retrieve calls using a soft key feature
Retrieve parked calls from any extension
Multi-call park for use simultaneously

Call screening
Block calls by phone number or area code
Treat incoming calls by phone numbers, forward to voice mail, virtual ring or mobile number

Call Transfer
Transfer calls to another extension, voice mail or an external number
Announce calls transfer

Front desk-console assistant
Computer based virtual switchboard
Drag and drop call transferring
Place calls to queue
Display extension status

Mobile app
Make local and long distance calls from your mobile phone
Keep your cell number private
Save money on international rates

Available features